Community Engagement

Community Engagement for us, means regular, genuine contact with local residents, regulators and interest groups. It means listening to feedback, and it means sharing clear information about what we do and our plans for the future.

The region is largely rural and not heavily populated. As part of the Snowtown community we value the views of our neighbours and other community members as a key aspect of helping us operate our business in a responsible manner. We keep in touch with our community through a range of channels including our newsletter.

Community Grants Program

In collaboration with Snowtown Wind Farm Stage 1, Snowtown Wind Farm 2 supports our local community through the community grants program Lend-A-Hand. The program provides funds for community projects and initiatives in the area and is administered by an independent community group. Further details about the fund and application forms can be found here:

  • Snowtown Lend A Hand Foundation Application Guidelines (PDF)
  • Snowtown Lend A Hand Foundation Application Form (PDF|Word)